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Neurosurgery is that the therapeutic practice involved with the analysis and therapy of sufferers with injury to, or diseases/disorders of the brain, medulla spinalis and vertebral column, and surface nerves within all parts of the body. The practice of neurosurgical concern by the best neuro surgery in Siliguri covers both adult and paediatric patients. Conditioned against the nature of the injury or illness a neurological specialist may provide operational and/or non-surgical care.

Advanced health care treatment with Neuro Surgery in Siliguri

The common conditions requiring a neurosurgery

  • • Strokes, cerebral aneurysms (dilated blood vessels) or bleeding on the brain
  • • Benign or cancerous brain and spinal tumours
  • • Spinal conditions like tethered spinal cords, herniated discs and osteoarthritis
  • • Head, neck or spine injuries
  • • Seizures, epilepsy and movement disorders
  • • Neurological disorders like paralysis agitans
  • • Certain sorts of chronic pain

Signs you have to go through a neurosurgery

The body gives certain signs and symptoms. Early detection is the key. The best centre forneuro surgery in Siligurielaborates some signs that you need to consult the best neurosurgeon in Siliguri.

Chronic or severe headaches

If you get migraine problems, you ought to presumably make a consultation with a neurologist, and particularly when the signs are linked to neurological deficiencies or tried methods prove futile.

Chronic pain

When pain is persistent and non-manageable, you ought to contemplate a referral to a neurologist because there might be another underlying cause for the signs.


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Experiencing vertigo (feeling like you're spinning) or having difficulty keeping your balance might be a symbol of something more serious.

Numbness or tingling

Numbness or tingling, especially when it occurs on one side of the body or comes on suddenly, might be a symbol of a stroke or other serious condition.

Movement problems

Difficulty walking, shuffling your feet, tremors and unintentional jerks, can all be signs of a systema nervosum problem.

Memory problems or confusion

Worsening memory problems, personality changes or mixing up words might be signs of Alzheimer's disease.

If our brain doesn't work properly, our body will become static. If our brain doesn’t add how it’s alleged to, we start to succeed in a vegetative state. This is often where the importance of neurosurgery comes into the limelight. the utilization of both invasive and non-invasive modern surgical procedures simplified many brain surgeries and other complex procedures and saved many lives. Neurosurgeons from the best neuro surgery in Siliguri are involved in preventing, diagnosing and treating disorders of the brain, spine and nerves. They also handle and control diseases that change the course of blood to the brain. Also as producing surgeries, they'll be connected during a person’s recovery after surgery.


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