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Modern surgery has developed to such an extent that the body of data and technical skills required have led to surgeons concentrating especially areas, usually an anatomical area of the shape or infrequently during an appropriate system or kind of patient like the best orthopaedic surgery in Siliguri.

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What does orthopaedic surgery cover?

The orthopaedic operation may be a specialisation managing serious injuries, inherent and acquired ailments and persistent arthritic or overuse health conditions of the bones, joints and their linked soft tissues, including ligaments, nerves and muscles.

Most specialists work adjacent to general surgeons and orthopaedic treatment in extremity trauma managing bony and soft tissue lesions related through their local A & E Departments. The overpowering bulk even has a specialist engagement during a particular orthopaedic disease including the following:

  • • Joint reconstruction
  • • Particular anatomical region (e.g., arm)
  • • Spine (alongside neurosurgeons)
  • • Bone tumour surgery
  • • Rheumatoid surgery
  • • Sport surgery
  • • Complex trauma surgery

Paediatric orthopaedics require different fracture treatment thanks to growing bones and corrective treatment for childhood deformities.

Main operations involved in the orthopaedic surgery

Among the most procedures undertaken by best orthopaedic surgery in Siliguri are:

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  • • Joint arthroscopy – A minimally invasive procedure which requires including inquiries into the joint to diagnose and repair torn joint tissue (eg to torn ligaments or floating cartilage).
  • • Fracture repair – An entire series of techniques are used counting on type, severity and site of fracture to make sure that bones are stable, heal correctly and patient retains function. this will include permanent pins and plates, immobilization, use of external pinning and frames.
  • • Arthroplasty – The replacement of whole joints, usual thanks to osteo- and atrophic arthritis. Hip and knee replacements are the leading general surgery.
  • • General repair procedures on damaged muscle or tendon.
  • • Corrective surgery –Procedures aimed toward correcting problems of anatomical alignment which either limit function or would cause long-term problems if left.

Finding the best orthopaedic surgeon in Siluguri

Orthopaedics is vital to managing and treating bone and joint pain, which most folks will experience in our lifetimes. An orthopaedic surgery in Siliguri includes experienced team with great education and experience within the individual analysis and both non-surgical and surgery of injuries and conditions of the arrangement.


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