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Surgical oncology may be a field of healthcare which focuses on adopting surgical procedures to diagnose and treat cancer. Surgical oncologists are capable of performing palliative surgeries to regulate pain and manage the symptoms and side effects of cancer. Surgical oncology in Siliguri has an expert team of the simplest onco-surgeons in India who confirm that the tumour is far away from the location of occurrence through surgery. Alongside professional cancer care doctors, it also provides the best nutritionists and rehab specialists to support the patient within the recovery process.

Surgical Oncology in Siliguri

Surgical oncologists offer several operational oncology procedures

  • • Appendectomy
  • • Bowel resection
  • • Vascularized lymph gland transfer surgery
  • • Lymphaticovenular bypass surgery
  • • Pneumonectomy
  • • Thoracotomy
  • • Thyroidectomy
  • • Tracheoesophageal puncture

The surgeons also lookout to elucidate the method and recuperation time involved within the surgery to the patients.

More insights about Surgical Oncology

Surgery may be a modality of treatment in cancer care usually performed to get rid of cancer cells and other cancer-related symptoms. Whether a patient requires undergoing surgery or not depends on multiple factors like the sort, size, location, grade and stage of the tumour, also as other general health factors like age, fitness and other medical conditions. In many cases, surgery by the surgical oncology in Siliguri is combined with other cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy or Hormone Therapy. These could also be given before surgery (Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy) or after surgery (Adjuvant Chemotherapy) to assist prevent cancer growth, spread or recurrence.

Treatment procedures

Treatment procedures

Organ Preservation Surgeries by the best oncology centre in Siliguri now allows the specialists to get rid of the tumour from a site on the body without having to get rid of the organ. The surgeries are often performed for the removal of the tumour within the following cancers: carcinoma, prostatic adenocarcinoma, Tongue Cancer and Laryngeal Cancer to call a couple of. At the start of the treatment planning process, the specialists plan on the way to pro-actively manage any side effects from surgery. A team of experts, rehabilitation professionals and other clinicians work alongside the surgical oncologist to support the patients healing and quality of life after the surgery is completed.

Cancer treatment by the surgical oncology in Siliguri sometimes changes the looks of a part, while plastic surgery helps to repair that damage. plastic surgery is most ordinarily needed after some sorts of surgery to get rid of cancer. A patient may prefer to have plastic surgery after a mastectomy. In cases involving cancer of Head & Neck, it's going to be required to exchange tissues or nerves during the treatment for these cancers. Consult the best oncologist in Siliguri.


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