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The swasthyasathi scheme is a basic health protect secondary and tertiary care up to Rs five lakh once a year per family. it's quite popular among rural and economically deprived sections of the state’s population. Siliguri NursingHome was established within the heart of Siliguri town with an aim to supply uncompromised medical assistance, dedicated teamwork to cure the patients at a cheap and affordable cost, during a homely environment, thus becoming the foremost preferred destination of the people of Siliguri and surrounding area. It is one of the leading swasthyasathi hospital in Siliguri.

Main Features of the Scheme

The scheme holds some of the best features supporting all families and the best swasthyasathi hospital in Siliguriadheres to all its factors.

Treatment with Swasthya Sathi Hospital in Siliguri
  • • Basic health protects secondary and tertiary care up to Rs 5 lakhs once a year per family.
  • • Paperless, Cashless, open-end credit based.
  • • All pre-existing diseases are covered.
  • • There is no cap on the family size and fogeys from both the Spouse are included. All dependent physically challenged persons within the family also are covered.
  • • The entire premium is borne by the government and no contribution from the beneficiary.
  • • Online SwathyaSathi open-end credit is provided to every family on the day of Enrolment. open-end credit captures the small print of the relations, Photographs, biometric, address, Mobile Number, SECC ID.
  • • Administration of the system is in paperless IT podium from day one.
  • • Operational empanelment °ree of Infirmariesmaintained the amenities and organizationaccessible
  • • 100% online Pre-authorisation with the rotate time of 24 Hrs.
  • • SMS inductions and promptsignals to the recipients on obstructive of card
  • • Immediate uploading of E-health greatest of the recipients on release
  • • Claim repayment to the infirmary with TAT of 30 days else notice is being emotional for lateimbursement.
  • • 24X7 complimentary call centre with reactionchoice
  • • Online complaintNursingMachinery
  • • Online inductions and warnings to detect credibledeceptions with growthmedium.
  • • Android-based SwasthyaSathi Mobile app for support to the recipients

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